Benefits of Salt Water Pools – Could a Salt Water Pool Be Right For You?

While it’s not a magic bullet to address everything pool owners dislike about common chlorine pools, the benefits of salt water pools are substantial.  All pool owners should consider whether a salt water pool is right for them.  A salt water pool is much gentler to swimmers’ eyes, hair and skin than a chlorinated pool.  A salt water pool requires less maintenance and fewer chemicals, which reduces time and expense.  Many new salt systems even monitor and maintain themselves.  Finally, a salt water pool is more pleasing to the senses, as there is no harsh chlorine smell, no floating maintenance equipment, and your swim suits and swim accessories won’t fade from their bright colors.

One of the greatest benefits of salt water pools is how much less it affects your health.  While a salt water pool does contain chlorine as a by-product of the salt, the amounts are significantly less.  Meanwhile, the levels of salt in the pool water are about the same as the amount of salt present in the human body.  This means your eyes won’t sting in a salt water pool as they would in a chlorinated pool.  Hair won’t turn green due to the chlorine, and your skin will be soft and smooth after swimming in a salt water pool, rather than dry and cracking.  Salt water is naturally gentler on your body than harsh chlorination.

While a salt water pool may be more expensive to built or convert at the outset, you’ll no longer have to buy and maintain huge heavy buckets of chlorine.  Many builders forecast that a pool owner will recover the extra expense of a salt water pool within two years – one of the most cost effective benefits of salt water pools.  Additionally, you’re experiencing a safer and easier to maintain pool environment, because you don’t have to worry about your pool guests or workers being exposed to a toxic chemical like chlorine – remember, chlorine was one of the first chemicals used for warfare all the way back in World War I.  Is this really a chemical you want your family and friends splashing and playing in?

Pool owners need to consider other factors in their decision, and one that can be easily considered is how much more pleasant a salt water pool can appear.  In considering the benefits of salt water pools, consider that the naturally soft pool water is easier on the fabric and colors of a swimsuit, keeping the suits bright and comfortable.  Socializing in and around the pool will be more pleasant without the raw chemical smell of chlorine.  Pool maintenance equipment will remain in much better shape without the harsh corrosion chlorine can cause too.  Overall, the benefits of a salt water pool mean you enjoy your pool more, for less maintenance expense.

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