Maintain Your Pool Like a Pro!

Ever wonder how a pool professional can clean your pool faster than you can? Usually it comes with experience, but more often than not, it is because of the process that has been put in place. After years of successful ownership of one of the larger residential service companies in my area, I will now share with you our maintenance process. This step by step guide will teach you the steps to maintaining your pool effectively and efficiently.

1)      Make sure pool equipment is on

2)      Check pool equipment for leaks, operation, and filter pressure

3)      Turn off pump

4)      Clean out pump basket

5)      Check pump lid O Ring for cracks and lube up, if necessary

6)      Turn pump back on and make sure pump primes

7)      Skim edge of pool

8)      Brush steps and swim outs

9)      Vacuum pool (if necessary)

10)  Brush pool walls

11)  Brush pool floor toward main drain

12)  Brush pool tile line and coping

13)  Duplicate brushing and skimming techniques on spa if one is present

14)  Clean out skimmer basket

15)  Test water according to chemical testing schedule

16)  Add chemicals (if necessary)

17)  Skim entire pool

18)  Walk around pool to verify pool is clean


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